PRACTICAL INFORMATION: Rammstein Oostende on 3 & 4 August

Validity of tickets

All tickets with date 10 June 2020 and 7 August 2021 remain valid for the new date on 3 August 2022. Your 'old' ticket will therefore give you access to the concert area. Can't find your ticket? Check your spam or your Ticketmaster account. Still haven't found it? Then you can email your order number and the name you used to buy the tickets to


4pm: opening doors
7:30pm: first act
9pm: Rammstein
10:45pm at the latest: end of the show

Subject to change.



Du Hast tickets for Rammstein on August 3, 2022 at Park De Nieuwe Koers in Ostend but keine Lust in stress on the road? Understandably so. Luckily we figured out your route from head to toe. During the Rammstein concert, the population of Ostend will increase by more than a half. That means a lot of traffic. We will do everything possible to steer this mobility tidal wave in the right direction. Nevertheless, you will need to calculate some waiting time by car, both before and after the concert. The solution is simple: take the concert bus, public transport or your bike! Here below you find the practical information on how to get safe and sound to Ostende!






When you get on the concert bus at one of our 101 stops, spread all over Belgium and the North of France, your worries are over. You will be dropped off and picked up close to the entrance of the concert site. Your trip will be the ideal way to get into the mood or to share memories on the show afterwards. Put on your vintage Rammstein t-shirt, have a drink, learn the lyrics of 'Deutschland' by heart, discuss Lindemann's solo work, or take a nap... It's all possible on the bus.

Depending on your stop, a return ticket starts at 18 euros. Book your tickets via All tickets already purchased remain valid.

The concert bus:

  • picks you up in your town/city,
  • makes sure you arrive at your destination safe and sound and nearby the concert site,
  • gets you in the mood on the way and makes the 'Who's Bob' question superfluous.





Afraid you'll be a train wreck after the show? The Belgian railways have you covered. Ostend station has a smooth train connection with the rest of the country. The return trip is made with one of the special night trains to Poperinge, De Pinte, Brussels-Midi, Antwerp-Central (via Gent-Sint-Pieters) and Leuven. The night train is included in the corresponding "Rammstein" train ticket. The stretch from the station to Park de Nieuwe Koers can be done by shuttle, public transport, bicycle or on foot. Whatever option you choose, the journey included in your NMBS ticket. You pay 17 euros for a return ticket. Tickets can be purchased as from July 5th, 2022 via


  • Smooth train connection
  • Trajectory station-concert free of charge
  • Extra night trains from Ostende to Poperinge, De Pinte, Brussels-Midi, Antwerp-Central (via Gent-Sint-Pieters) and Leuven. Next night trains depart from Oostende after the concert: 


1) Oostende - Torhout - Roeselare - Kortrijk - …

             … - Harelbeke - Waregem - Deinze - De Pinte

             … - Wevelgem - Wervik - Ieper - Poperinge

2) Oostende - Oostkamp - Beernem - Aalter - Drongen - Merelbeke - Aalst - Denderleeuw - Anderlecht - Brussel-Zuid

3) Oostende - Gent-Sint-Pieters - Lokeren - Sint-Niklaas - Beveren-Waas - Antwerpen-Zuid - Antwerpen-Berchem - Antwerpen-Centraal

4) Oostende - Brugge - Wetteren - Dendermonde - Mechelen - Leuven


Park your car in the station car parks at one of the above stations and continue by train. Those who buy a ticket for the night (train) benefit from a cheap rate in the station car parks! More info via




You’ve already packed your walking stick and want to prepare your lungs to scream along with your favorite anthems? The simplest, prettiest and pleasant route from practically anywhere in Ostend to the concert runs along the coast.




The easiest way to get to Rammstein and back home is by bike! That way you avoid all the traffic jams!  Cycle to the entrance of the concert and park your bike in our free and secure racks. These are located in the grass field next to the practice track on the Duinkerkseweg.


Google Maps





Wie overnacht aan 't zeitje of uit de buurt komt, kan ook met de kusttram en bus naar het concert komen. Zoek jouw traject met de routeplanner van De Lijn. Na het concert vertrekken verschillende kusttrams richting De Panne, Oostende & Knokke-Heist. Opstappen doe je aan de halte Oostende Raversijde, op 20 minuten wandelen van het concert.

If you travel from nearby, you could take the trams and buses at Ostende. Extra lines will be organised that evening and night to take everyone home.  After the concert, various coast trams depart for De Panne, Oostende & Knokke-Heist. Get on at the stop Oostende Raversijde, a 20-minute walk from the concert. Find your trajectory with De Lijn’s routeplanner.


  • The stop where you need to get on or off for the Rammstein concert is: Oostende Raversijde
  • Please note: the Ostende Ravelingen stop will not be served after the concert!





August is an excellent cycling month. Bring your Rammstein bike or other two wheeled contraption and park in our Park + Bike zone. After about 5 kilometres you'll be at our secure bike racks at Park de Nieuwe Koers. We will keep a close eye on your fahrrad while you enjoy the concert. You're certain of your spot, and thanks to our dynamic signposting you'll drive straight to your parking spot. Tickets will soon be available via this page.


  • Short Bike trip (on your own bike)
  • Certain of your parking space
  • Secure bicycle parking



  • Parking near grass field near the company FACQ at Zandvoorde


Google maps




  • Address of the bike racks : grass field near the racing practice  tracks at the Duinkerkseweg


Google maps





During the Rammstein concert, the population of Ostend will increase by more than half. That means a lot of traffic. By car, you will have to calculate extra waiting time, both before and after the concert. We therefore advise you to avoid the car as much as possible and to choose one of the above options. If you do choose to travel by car, please take the following important matters into account.


There will be a limited number of paying car parks where you can quickly and easily find a parking space thanks to dynamic signage. An overview of these car parks will follow later. From there, you can continue your journey to the concert on foot (30 minutes), by bike or shuttle. Follow the signs on the spot and do not rely on your GPS, nor on your knowledge of the region! A good alternative are the station car parks of the NMBS, see above under the heading 'TRAIN'.

Tickets for the car park will be available shortly via this page.


  • You cannot park in the immediate area of the concert site.
  • Parking is prohibited in the surrounding streets. The police keep a close eye on this.
  • Leave on time to avoid crowds on and off the parking lot. Also, the queues to enter the grounds can be long just before the start of the concert.





Did you put in a bus yourself? Thank you for your initiative and helping to make mobility better and smoother. You are required to register your bus using this form: This will give you a reserved parking space near the concert. Once registered we will send you all practical information by e-mail so you can debrief your driver.


  • Attention: unregistered buses will be denied access to the car park and the vicinity of the site!




A limited number of lockers will be available and must be booked in advance. These lockers are situated outside the concert site; therefore you will be unable to access these stored items during the concert.


Book a locker


Bag Policy


Prohibited bags


Bags are prohibited from the event site. Only bags up to the maximum size of an A4 sheet and up to 10 cm thick are permitted. 


If prohibited items are discovered during the entry check, the visitor must either store them outside the event site or dispose of them at the designated place (confiscation). The organisation does not provide storage facilities where items can be stored temporarily. The police will be notified of any items prohibited by law. Confiscated or abandoned items will not be returned to the visitor.  For a detailed summary of prohibited items and any exceptions, the organisation refers you to the full bag policy below. The organisation may amend and/or add to this policy at any moment in the interests of health, safety and/or public order.   


Prohibited items


beverages (except for water in plastic bottles up to 0.5 l with no cap), water bottles or similar hard plastic vessels, cooler boxes, baskets, food, drugs and other mind-altering substances, (laughing) gas cartridges, gas cylinders, glass (except for perfumes and vital medication in original glass packaging up to 50ml), spray cans (except for sun cream, deodorants and perfumes), e-cigarette refills, football shirts, club-related expressions, provocative or face-obscuring clothing, blankets, banners, card/paper signs with writing (permitted up to maximum A4 size), flags or flagpoles thicker than 2 cm and longer than 1.5 metres, umbrellas/parasols, selfie sticks, cameras, film, audio or other recording equipment and Go-Pros or similar (only compact cameras without detachable lenses are permitted), laptops, notebooks and tablets, weapons, needles, knives and other sharp objects, chains (apart from chains on trousers or jewellery) or other items that can be used as weapons or to disturb the public order, pocket torches, glow sticks, walkie-talkies, laser pens and other lights with concentrated beams, toxic, flammable or explosive materials, fireworks, torches, flares, pets and other animals, walking sticks (except for medical crutches), skates, bicycles and motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, Frisbees, inflatable objects such as beach balls and balloons, horns or other items that create a lot of noise, unmanned aircraft  (UAV or Drones) and other dangerous items.


You are not permitted to bring chairs (including folding ones) or stools. Should you have an urgent medical reason for bringing a chair and/or stool, please contact



Permitted items


Powerbank/battery packs for charging mobile telephones, binoculars, sun cream, battery-operated handheld fans, breast pumps and vapers.


Permitted items on showing a medical passport 


Heavy medication, essential foods and drinks due to allergies or illness accompanied by a medical passport (available for free from any pharmacy, subject to an approx. 3-week waiting period). In such cases where the organiser judges that certain items may present a risk to health, safety and/or public order, these items may be refused by the organiser. The organiser is also permitted to take additional measures in the case of specific events if necessary.