Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza Shlesinger is an award-winning comedian, actor, writer, producer and author, selling out theaters around the globe with a devoted fan base who are known for creating their own Iliza-inspired swag to wear to her shows. Iliza is one of today’s leading comedians. In 2022, Netflix released her 6th stand-up special Hot Forever and her second book All Things Aside was published. Her podcast, AIA: Ask Iliza Anything on Earwolf is a fan favorite and features Iliza giving out her barefaced life advice to fans' questions. Next, she’ll launch Iliza’s Locals a three-episode series highlighting 18 of her favorite L.A. comedians. Iliza wrote and starred in the Netflix Rom-Con movie Good On Paper and played opposite Mark Wahlberg in the #1 Netflix film Spenser Confidential. 

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