Kanan Gill

Kanan Gill, Do 06.06.2024, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Over Kanan Gill

Renowned as the victor of the esteemed Punch Line Bangalore Competition, Kanan Gill has solidified his status as one of India's foremost comedians. His ascent to international acclaim commenced with the acclaimed YouTube series "Pretentious Movie Reviews," wherein he skillfully critiqued vintage Bollywood films with a delightful flair. Kanan's comedic prowess has transcended borders, captivating audiences in vibrant locales across India and beyond, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Bangkok, Vietnam, the UK, The Netherlands, North America, and Australia. Revered as a pinnacle in Indian stand-up history, his stand-up special "Keep it Real" remains a cherished gem within the comedy realm.

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