Roselien started writing music when she was 12 and hasn't stopped ever since. She's inspired by all music revealing its soul, always curious and looking for other and eventually better ways to express herself.

Her debut EP 'Truth' - which was released during Fall 2014 - gave her the opportunity to play as a support act for Gregory Porter, Meshell Ndegeocello, Luka Bloom Anthony Joseph, ao.
Roselien also gained some very positive feedback from her personal heroes:

'You're a talented person, keep writing...' - Meshell Ndegeocello

'It's a nice track... You have a very nice voice and it's great to hear how it becomes stronger throughout the song' - Reggie Watts

'Great stuff! I love the writing, the production and most of all your voice.' - Anthony Joseph

'Fucking dope' - Lefto

'I love her style, her mixture of genres, the beats, the sound. I am very curious to see how she will evolve, I am very intrigued by her' - François Gustin, Girls In Hawaii

Roselien is currently working on her sophomore EP ' I Had A Dream’, scheduled for release in early 2017 .

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