One of K-pop’s leading rookie groups, AB6IX, is launching its their first-ever World Tour <6IXENSE> in February 2020. Short for 'Absolute Six (5 members + 1 fandom)’ and an abbreviation of 'Above BrandNew Six’, AB6IX is composed of five male members, Lim Young-min, Jeon Woong, Kim Dong-hyun, Park Woo-jin and Lee Dae-hwi, under the management of Brand New Music.

In 2017, four of the members made their first appearances on the second season of popular TV survival audition, PRODUCE 101, where Park Woo-jin and Lee Dae-hwi ended up becoming members of the temporary group Wanna One. Lim Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun, also survived until the end of competition, and finally debuted as a duo under the name MXM, releasing two EP albums and a full album.

AB6IX released their first studio album in October 2019, titled '6ixense’, drew a great deal of attention internationally, along with a single 'Blind for Love’ and its music video. The album debuted at number two on the Korea’s Gaon Album Chart and ranked 25th on the Oricon Albums Chart in Japan. As the start of the world tour, the band successfully carried out Seoul concert on November 9-10, 2019 at KSPO DOME.  Tickets for both dates were sold out immediately.  It was regarded as an exceptional achievement for a newly debuted group like AB6IX to sell out two consecutive arena shows in its first attempt for full-fledged concert.

This tour is a long-devoted project of the group to perform in front of global fans who waited with growing excitement. AB6IX’s World Tour <6IXENSE> arrives in Europe on February 21st making stops in Berlin, Paris, London and Amsterdam.

  • As a part of VIP benefits, VIP ticket purchasers only will be allowed to enter the venue beginning from 6PM on the day of the show.  All other ticket holders will be admitted from 6:30PM. VIP ticket purchasers who arrive late are not guaranteed early entry.
  • VIP laminates will be distributed before the doors open for the public on the day of the show. VIP ticket holders must present a valid ticket(s) to redeem the laminates. The VIP laminate is a souvenir item and does not permit access into restricted areas.
  • The High-touch event with the artists is scheduled to take place immediately following the show at a designated spot within the venue. VIP ticket holders are advised to remain where they are and to follow the instructions of venue security officers in an orderly fashion.
  • All video recording and live streaming is strictly prohibited throughout the show, as well as during the high-touch event.
  • All cameras with a zoom-able lenses, for both photo and video, are prohibited from the venue. Ticket holders who are in possession of such prohibited items during the security check or throughout the show will be escorted out and may not be allowed re-entry.
  • The artists will not accept any gifts from the fans, as they are on tour and are unable to carry all gift items with them. 
  • Fans are strongly advised not to throw any gift or personal belongings onto the stage due to security and safety reasons.
  • All tickets are non-refundable and may not be exchanged or transferred. The promoters and venues will not be responsible for any issues that may arise from unauthorized exchanged or transferred ticket(s).
  • Official tour merchandise will be available for purchase inside the venue on the day of the show.  Please be advised that all sales are final and there will be no refunds or exchanges allowed.
  • Due to safety concerns, no camping will be allowed in advance. Each respective venue will announce on a later date when they will begin their queue line.
  • All patrons are encouraged to minimize their belongings and use clear bags to help speed up ingress. We appreciate in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
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