FAQ Rammstein at Goffertpark


1. Order your parking ticket in advance. Parking is only possible with a parking ticket.
2. The doors of Goffertpark open at 3 p.m. Make sure you are in Nijmegen well before the evening rush hour!
3. We expect 65,000 visitors per day. Take into account 45 - 60 minutes extra travel time in and around Nijmegen because of the concert and the evening rush hour and make sure you arrive well before the start of the concert. Also take into account (unannounced) delays in connection with the farmers' protests. Does it normally take you an hour to Nijmegen? Then this can take up to three hours travel time from  your door to Goffertpark.
4. Take into account 30 to 45 minutes extra travel time from the parking lots and Nijmegen CS station due to the crowds at the shuttle buses.
5. Do you have e-tickets? Print your e-ticket in advance or download your e-ticket before you travel to Nijmegen. This way you avoid delays at the entrances and there are no unnecessarily long queues at the entrances. Hard copy & e-tickets (pdf) are automatically valid for the new date. Read more about the validity below.


The information on this page is subject to change and is regularly updated.

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