Tsar B

Tsar B, ve 19.07.2024, Gent Jazz Gand


À propos Tsar B

Tsar B - nom de plume of Gent’s Justine Bourgeus - released her second album last year. The beautiful gem on which her diverse talents and interests merge into an inventive mix of modern pop, classical music and electronica is called 'to the stars'. Tracks such as 'don’t wanna lose nobody’ and 'gonna hold you into my arms’ combine the physical power of dance with the emotional force of classical music. It is a quest to find a new place in this universe or perhaps even a completely different one. It is about breaking out of the bubble which Bourgeus felt surrounding her, disconnecting from the past and completely immersing in a new adventure.


There is, however, plenty to be proud of in the years prior to her last album. In 2016, as Tsar B, she generated immediate (inter)national interest with the singles 'Escalate' and 'Myth'. Knack Focus crowned her the indie queen, Pigeons & Planes concluded that she was on the cusp of a breakthrough, The Fader, NME and Noisey are fans, and her second single was played for the first time on BBC Radio 1. There followed a critically acclaimed début album ('The Games I Played’ from 2018), 3 EPs and last year she even worked on 'Les Diners de Gala’, an imposing concert film which brings the cookbooks of Dali to life. She also collaborated with Alexander Chung, Oscar and The Wolf and Nova Twins. Something that always comes across with Bourgeus is passion. This unfettered passion spreads like a wildfire during live performances, across the stage and beyond.

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